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HQ Music Talk: Robert (UK) Bobby Starrr

Robert (UK) Bobby Starrr Host: Christian Rodrigo Language: English About: Bobby Starrr is a Berlin-based House DJ/ producer, the man behind Bobby Starrr is named Robert. Christian catches up with Robert in a park in the center of Berlin. Robert talks about his...

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HQ Music Talk: Dean (BG) DeanIsHome

Dean (BG) DeanIsHome Host: Christian RodrigoLanguage: English About:Christian visited Berlin recently, where he meet the onemanband DeanIsHome.Dean plays on the streets of Berlin and ocationally in clubs around Berlin as well, we get into his music, albums, travels,...

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HQ Music Talk: Michael Magee (SCO) Sofar Odense

Michael Magee (SCO) Sofar Odense Host: Christian Rodrigo Language: English About: Christian talks with booker Michael Magee from the concert concept 'Sofar Odense' that does secret concerts around the danish town Odense. Magee tells us about his other projects,...

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HQ Music Talk: Ida Ambrose (DK)

Ida Ambrose (DK) Host: Christian Rodrigo Language: ENG About:  Ida Ambrose, singer, songwriter & musician joins the HQ Music Talk podcast to talk about her music, why she started making music and some of best / worst moment in her career.  If your a musician,...

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