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HQartist is a flexible platform designed specifically for artists, venues, promoters, agencies, management companies & festivals.

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Bookers, Agents  & Promoters

HQartist is a useful tool for booking agencies, labels with booking and management. Manage all your artists in one place, and assign your team to artists with different roles. Upload or create your templates for your artists, so all the essential terms like your fee, travel costs, hospitality, and technical requirements are always on track. Sign your contracts online, add bookers and management fee in your contracts, so it’s easy to keep track. It has never been easier to manage booking with a hole team, in one place!

Venues & Festivals

Minimize your paperwork, with our simple booking, contracting system and online signing. Set up custom timeslots you can book with new amazing artists from all over the world. Let artists apply to them or invite your favorite artists to apply to the slots. Use HQartist´s powerful organization module, the Planner, where you can organize your team and manage your bookings & timeslots.


The goal is to minimize the time needed for administrative work. Contracting, finding gigs, payments and booking a tour across the border can be hard to grasp for a lot of people if they don’t have a booking agency. Use HQartist as your online booking agency. Set up contract templates, upload riders you can attach to your contracts, and sign them online. Payments are automatic based on your contract! Assign a booker or manager to your profile to help out, or manage your band yourself. Find and contact venues or festivals in the “Explore” section, or apply to gigs from the “Find gigs” section. Get more time to do what you love – play music!

A useful tool for administration

“HQartist is a browser-based management tool, where you can efficiently administrate your live music activities. We provide a smart and user-friendly way to handle all aspects of the booking and management process. And the best part is, all functions are free to use. We only take a small percentage when you close a deal.”

Christian Rodrigo, Co-founder