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HQartist is a flexible platform designed specifically for artists, venues, promoters, agencies, management companies & festivals.

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Made for live entertainment

HQartist is built to ease the process of booking, contracting, negotiating, exploring and finding venues and artists. It was designed by people from the industry, to be user-friendly and transparent

for everyone involved in it.

For Artists

Less paperwork. More music.

Book and Setup Contracts

Set up contracts with custom deals, negotiations, signing and bookings online. With all info accessible at any time.

Manage your Rooster

By creating a personal profile, you can work with several artists or bands. Add musicians to your artist profile, and everyone updated on gigs and terms for each job.


Find Gigs

Get more gigs by browsing through open timeslots in the “Explore” or the “Find gigs” section.

For Bookers & Managers

A powerful tool for you and your team.

Create Timeslots

Create workspaces for you and your co-workers and publish timeslots for artists to apply to with our “Planner” tool. Have full control, with every concert accessible from your calendar.


Use Your Own Templates

Import your own contracts, riders and specific terms to create contract templates in a few simple steps.


Payments are made automatically based on your contract terms. Report your ticket sales after a concert, and the system handles the rest.